GCTransfer is the Government of Canada’s asset transfer site and is available to all members of the federal public service.

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Please note that you must have a valid federal government email address in order to register for GCTransfer.

GCTransfer functionality

GCTransfer offers departmental clients the ability to post, view and transfer surplus assets. In addition, all Government of Canada employees are able to sign up to receive notifications. This added value functionality will also be available to all GCSci users. All employees will be able to receive notifications when an item is posted on GCTransfer. Transfers will still need to be coordinated through their material management personnel but what a great way to transfer goods for reuse while allowing us to contribute towards the Greening Government Strategy.

In order to receive notifications, you will first need to register for a GCTransfer account, or log into your existing account. To register for a GCTransfer account, click the GCTransfer link under the Shop GCSurplus top menu tab on the GCSurplus.ca website, and follow the instructions. Once registered and logged in to your account, you will notice additional menu options regarding GCTransfer in the top navigation menu under Shop GCSurplus . Click on the link ‘GCTransfer Notifications’, and from the available list, select the commodity groups or regions from which you would like to receive notifications, then save your selection. You will then receive notifications of GCTransfer items within your interest. If you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you can log into your account and modify your notification selection or cancel your account.

GCTransfer is a free web-based service, which provides a platform for Federal Government Materiel managers to advertise and transfer surplus government assets.