Having Trouble?

Are you having trouble viewing the GCSurplus website? Here's a list of general purpose troubleshooting steps that you can take which might help. They're not going to fix every problem, but they're some good "first steps" to take and they might just fix your problem.

  1. Refresh the page

    The first thing to try is simply reloading the page. Forcing a complete refresh and download of a page tells your web browser to try downloading and displaying everything again. This is typically done by pressing F5 on your keyboard for most web browsers.

  2. Make sure JavaScript is enabled

    GCSurplus requires JavaScript to be installed and functional for our website to operate properly.

  3. Make sure Cookies are enabled

    GCSurplus makes use of web browser cookies, which are small text files that the website stores on your computer to give access to various functions on our website related to preferences and to adapt the appearance of the website. We use cookies to identify which pages are being used which in turn helps us analyse data about web page traffic and improve your GCSurplus experience. To make the most of your GCSurplus experience, ensure that cookies are enabled for your particular web browser.

  4. Clear your cache and cookies

    If the collection of cached temporary files gets out of sync with the live website on your PC / device, it can cause problems. If you are experiencing issues with GCSurplus web pages, it is recommended to clear your web browser history, cache and cookies.

  5. Make sure your web browser is up to date

    If you're using a very old version of your web browser then it might be having trouble working with modern websites. Please ensure that your web browser is updated to the latest version for an ideal GCSurplus website experience.

  6. Disable any third-party extensions or plugins

    Some web browser extensions might be causing problems with how GCSurplus loads or looks. This can commonly happen with extensions that modify or block parts of the pages you view - in particular Ad Blockers and Privacy Extensions. Try disabling any extensions you are using and reload the page to see if that helps.

  7. Restart your web browser

    It might sound strange that simply restarting your web browser might solve the problem you're having with a website, but web browsers occasionally do just get a bit "mixed up". Restarting them is a simple and quick way of going back to a more "fresh" state.

  8. Try a different web browser

    Not all web browsers are created equally. Some have more features than others, and some might have bugs or limitations with certain features that prevent some websites from working properly. If you're consistently having trouble viewing / accessing GCSurplus, you can try a different web browser and see if it works there instead.