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Location and Contacts
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The exact location of this sale could not be determined. Please contact the GCSurplus Divestment Officer for more information.

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Payment and Removal
The Purchaser agrees to make any payment requested (see available payment options) by the Minister within business days from the date of such request and prior to removal of any of the property.
The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Minister and after payment in full has been received by the Minister, shall at their expense, pack, load and remove the property by the date indicated on the bill of sale or, if no date is shown, within business days after the date the bill of sale is issued.
Sales Clauses

This sale is subject to all of the clauses outlined in the GCSurplus

General terms and conditions A , unless General terms and conditions B are cited.
The Purchaser must also pay particular attention to the following clauses.
Clause No. Description
  1. Viewings are by appointment only.
  2. Please note that the warehouse is not open on a daily basis for inspection.
  3. For an inspection appointment please contact the sales representative.
  4. The purchaser is responsible for arranging all shipping arrangements and for all costs incurred.
  5. Warehouse hours for pickup of materiel are Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 15:30
  6. For shipping details contact:
    • Ian Mitchell 613-991-2992


  1. Inspections sur rendez-vous seulement.
  2. L'entrepôt n'est pas ouvert quotidiennement pour l'inspection des biens.
  3. Veuillez communiquer avec le représentant des ventes afin de prendre un rendez-vous pour l'inspection des biens.
  4. L'acheteur retenu est responsable de prendre toutes les dispositions pour l'expédition de l'article ainsi que de tous les frais associés.
  5. Les biens peuvent être ramassés à l'entrepôt de 8h00 à 15h30 du lundi au vendredi.
  6. S.V.P. communiquer avec Ian Mitchell pour toute question concernant l'expédition des biens:
    • Ian Mitchell 613-991-2992